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Is a Credit Card Right for Students?

You've decided to get a higher education. You've taken the time to research what school you want to attend, what subjects you want to take, what career you [...]

FAFSA and Other Financial Aid Applications

The financial aid information provided on the form will automatically be sent to the school(s) listed on the FAFSA and to KHEAA. The best way to obtain [...]

FAQ about Financial Aid for Students

Q. How is financial aid awarded? A. It's awarded by financial need (need-based aid) or on academic achievement, athletics, or other talents (merit-based [...]

Are you a Dependent or Independent student?

One of the more important questions about financial aid is whether you're considered a dependent or independent student. Here are the criteria the federal [...]

Types of Schools

It's decision time! Your choices are almost limitless, but deciding what's best for you can be a difficult task. Ask yourself some questions. Do I want to [...]

How to plan a career and education

Choosing a career can be difficult, but by figuring out what you most enjoy and what skills and abilities you have, you'll get a better idea of the careers in [...]

Student Planner Timeline

Do you think about getting into college? Regardless whether that decision was already made or lies years ahead, you are welcome to browse through the Planner [...]

Tech school, community college, private college, or university?

Tech school, community college, private college, or university? Which would be best for me? Talk with your parents, guidance counselor, or anyone in a [...]

Prepare for College

Education, once you've completed high school, may be as little or as much as you like. Trade school, technical school, and 2- or 4-year college degrees are [...]