Easy Scholarships

Scholarships are generally associated with an excellent academic record and financial crisis of a student. Nowadays a student from a moderate economic background and with a low GPA can also be eligible for such scholarships. There are several easy scholarships that provide ample opportunity for all students pursuing undergraduate and graduate courses.

These scholarships are easily accessible and require no proof of community services by the students and also do not test a student’s leadership qualities. They are not granted by judging an essay written by the student. These relaxed scholarships are of great help to the students with low GPA as it allows them to continue with their studies through the financial aid provided by the scholarship.

List of Easy Scholarships 

Today there are numerous institutions and organizations that provide grants to students and facilitate in building up a strong career. These undemanding scholarships reward the students without putting up any specific conditions and the main motive is to provide financial help to students so that they pursue the courses of their choice. Here is a list of hassle-free scholarships.

US Bank Scholarship 

The US Bank is totally committed to providing financial aid to students without any discrimination whatsoever. This bank believes in the right to education and through convenient scholarship programs, it gives students sufficient options for attaining graduation. There are no hard and fast rules. Students are required to fill simple online forms and answer some survey-based questions. Students are selected through a random selection process. It offers a scholarship of $1,000 to 40 students every year.

Zinch ‘Three Sentence Essay’ Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded by the official website of Zinch. High school students and college students are eligible for this grant. The whole process is very simple. Students first need to create their own profile and express their views on a given topic in the form of a short essay limited to 280 characters and the student with the most interesting answer wins an award of $1000. The best part is that these short essay contests are held every week and provide ample scope for the students.

Tell-A-Friend Scholarship Sweepstakes 

This is probably one of the easiest scholarships that one can get. Once you visit the site, you are offered a link that allows you to send instant messages and provides email options. It also enables you to send posts on your Facebook wall and on Twitter. This creates a link between you and your contacts and the moment your friend signs up to this website with the help of your link, you get a scholarship of $1,000 and your friend gets a $500 as a reward. This scholarship definitely attracts young students. See also this post on why some students are PAID to drop out.

Sallie Mae’s College Answer Sweepstakes 

The students can avail of this simple scholarship by just registering themselves to Sallie Mae. This allows them to participate in the lucky draw held at the end of every month. Winners are chosen randomly and students pursuing high school, undergraduate course or any vocational or technical course in an educational institution are awarded $1,000 scholarship. If the student is unable to enroll in an educational program within 30 days’ time period, then the checks are sent to the winners directly. These grants are also available for parents, guidance counselors, and financial aid officers.

This scholarship is granted by CollegeProwler. The high school students, undergraduate students, and students who are interested in pursuing such courses in the future need to register themselves by filling up a simple online form. Winners are selected via a random draw and receive a scholarship of $2,000. These draws are held every month and students are allowed to send one entry a month. If you still need your GED, check out this Covcell online GED Course review.

OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award

This scholarship program is initiated by the company supplying loft beds to various educational institutions. The students need to answer certain funny questions that do not require any academic skills and are more imaginative. The winner with the most interesting answer gets away with a scholarship of $500.

Create-A-Greeting-Card $10,000 Scholarship Contest 

Students with a minimum age of fourteen can apply for this scholarship. The students are asked to exhibit their artistic skills and create art pieces, photographs or computer graphics on a given topic and the student with the best and most creative work is selected and awarded a scholarship of $10,000.

Frame My Future Scholarship 

This easily accessible scholarship is dedicated to the students who are already in a college or will be joining a college shortly. Here the students need to express their future aims and ambitions as creatively as possible through short write-ups, poems, paintings, and photographs. The entry that justifies the topic “How I Frame My Future” most appropriately receives a grant of $1,000. This scholarship is supported and funded by DiplomaFrame and it rewards five students every year.

ScholarshipPoints Monthly Scholarship 

What better way to get rewarded with a scholarship by just surfing the net, shopping online, going through the blogs and playing games. This is by far the most attractive and convenient scholarship as it allows the students to do perform those activities that they do in the free time. They need to create a profile on this website and become eligible for a randomly selected scholarship of $10,000.

These effortless scholarships are helpful for college students as they can manage the huge expenses of education and complete their studies without any financial setbacks.