Education Requirements for an EKG Technician

If you want to work in the medical field as an EKG technician, then you should be aware of the EKG technician education requirements. The requirements for working in this field can vary from location to location and even from position to position. This article will discuss some of the basic things that a person might expect to learn while receiving an education as an electrocardiogram tech.

What Is An EKG Technician?

EKG technicians administer special tests that help doctors to find and diagnose problems with the heart. These tests measure the electrical impulses of the heart during a variety of different conditions. There are basic (resting) EKGs, stress tests, long-term monitoring and more. Technicians work in a variety of settings in the medical field including doctor’s offices, hospitals, urgent care and other clinics and in other medical facilities.
What Kind of Education and Training Is Needed?

Most cardiovascular technicians have at least a two-year degree, but many have four-year degrees. Training usually consists of a year of basic preparatory coursework and then at least a year of specialized training. Those wanting to perform more specialized tests will usually need advanced training of some sort. Some qualified individuals, usually with prior experience in the healthcare industry, can complete the training in as little as one year.

EKG technicians can get started working in the field much more quickly than other cardiovascular technicians because the EKG technician education requirements are not as strict. On the job training may be available, or a short training program can be completed. Often EKG technicians can start working with only a few months of training. There are also certification programs available. Attending an EKG technician training program is a great way for an aspiring technician to get classroom learning and practical experience.
Why Get EKG Technician Training?

Many future EKG technicians wonder if it is worth attending school when on the job training may be available. There are a few benefits to attending an accredited training program. Accredited schools typically prepare you for a certification exam. Receiving training and certification may make you a more appealing candidate to potential employers. See also this post: “What does it take to become an EKG Tech?”

Additionally, it may be difficult to find employers willing to provide training, especially if you aren’t already working in the medical field. Some EKG training programs are degree programs and offer training as well as a two or four-year degree. Some hospitals require EKG technicians to have certification or formal degrees.
Why Become an EKG Technician?

Working as an EKG technician is a great way to get started in the medical field or can be a wonderful lifelong career. The training can generally be completed rather quickly and once the training is complete one can get started working in a doctor’s office or hospital.

Many people start working as an EKG technician while working toward other certifications or completing other training programs. EKG technicians enjoy competitive salaries and many even obtain benefits like health or dental insurance. Many work regular daytime hours and get to work in a comfortable, indoor environment. Training programs can often be completed part-time or during the evening hours.

If you want to become an EKG technician, start your training today. Visit a training school in your area to learn more about the EKG technician education requirements, or talk to someone already working in the field. This can be a fulfilling career with many possibilities. To fund your education, check out this post on easy scholarships.