How to plan a career and education

graduation2aaChoosing a career can be difficult, but by figuring out what you most enjoy and what skills and abilities you have, you’ll get a better idea of the careers in which you are most interested and their corresponding majors. Having this information in mind will help you decide which colleges are right for you.

Find the college that’s right for you.
There are three ways you can select a college on this site.

By name

By comparison: Use the Comparative View to find and sort colleges using preferences such as college type, location, size, cost, campus life, academics, etc.

By preference: The Matching Assistant allows you to indicate the factors you want to consider when choosing a college and matches the schools participating in the Mentor system to those factors, helping you to narrow down your list of schools.

Visit the college(s) of your choice.
Once you have narrowed your selection, visit your top choices through our Campus Tours. If possible, you should also arrange to visit the campuses in person.

Research your financial options.
You should look into scholarships, student loans, and other financial aid options before you apply to a particular college or university. Since there is so much financial aid available and since colleges are generally willing to work with you to put together a favorable financial aid package, money shouldn’t be a primary concern when considering a college.

Apply online.

Come back in January for financial aid assistance. Most financial aid forms have to be filed after the first of the year, after your taxes and/or your parents’ taxes have been filed.

We will help you sort through the financial aid process and give you information that will help you complete your financial aid forms and teach you other ways to get money for college.

Your counselor can help you with the schools, financial aid options, and more stored in your profile. When it comes to preparing for college, don’t go it alone. Invite your counselor today. Once approved, your counselor will be able to review your portfolio and offer you advice on college exploration, admissions applications, and other features available on Xap for High School Counselors.

If you’re worried that your counselor may edit your information, don’t be. Your counselor will be able to see, but not change, certain portions of your portfolio such as the student planner, colleges you are interested in, the status of your applications, your career planning data, and the scholarships you’ve saved.

Your username and password will remain private, and your counselor will not be able to alter any of the information you put in. To grant your counselor access to this information, click ‘Continue’ at the bottom.

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