In Kentucky, adults who don’t have a high school diploma or its equivalency (GED) have the opportunity to earn their high school equivalency (HSE) credential without having to pass an exam.

KentuckySkillsU (formerly: Kentucky Adult Education) has a great slogan: “The More You’ll Learn, The More You Earn. Take a close look at the following Kentucky Skills U Information in this article and check out also this video for more details:

A few years back, a new Kentucky Administrative Regulation was introduced which gives Kentucky’s new KY Skills U education program the opportunity to award Kentucky High School Equivalency (HSE) diplomas to qualifying students if they complete the required credit hours at one of the colleges in the state’s Community and Technical College System.

To qualify for this new Kentucky Skills U program, a candidate should be no younger than 19 years of age, not hold a secondary education degree (high school or GED diploma), reside legally in Kentucky, understand English Grammer to a sufficient degree, and meet all of the other placement and/or admission requirements set by the colleges that operate within the Kentucky Community & Technical College System, or KCTCS.

Officials of the state’s Postsecondary Education Council stressed the importance of creating innovative and alternative education opportunities and options beyond the existing pathway of the GED (General Education Development) program.

The program helps the state’s residents who have limited access to the employment market as they don’t hold a secondary education degree earn an equivalent degree if they demonstrate proof of commanding knowledge, skills, and competencies at a level that compares to that of high school seniors upon graduation.

Holding a secondary degree allows them to attain better-paying jobs and to get on with their academic education in college. Please note that college application deadlines may be strict!

Students pursuing a college degree may qualify for financial aid as well to cover the usually pretty high cost of a college education. You can apply for financial aid using the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA is not only for federal aid applications as many states are requiring it as well.

In Kentucky, like in other states, you can see more and more need for educational institutions to be more flexible and responsive in supporting students developing the required skills for being successful in the workforce or in college through innovative and practical education methods.

Eligible applicants wishing to enter the state’s workforce or looking for a college education can now earn their Commonwealth of Kentucky HSE Diploma when they successfully complete and have transcripts of no less than three credit hours (of in total twelve) in one of the following areas:

Quantitative Reasoning, Written Communication; Social & Behavioral Sciences; and Natural Sciences. Successfully completing these courses implicates that they must have passed these courses with at least a grade C.

Candidates for the KY Skills U program may additionally receive credit for earlier academic achievements when they hold official transcripts. Be aware that procrastination leads to no good!

The KCTCS (KY Community and Technical College System) includes sixteen colleges that provide post-secondary education in more than seventy education locations found all across the state.

This revolutionary cooperation between the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s College System and the new KY Skills U program allows individuals who don’t have a secondary education diploma to get hold of a credential that allows them to go to college or enter the job market at a better level.

Simultaneously, it gives them the chance to earn college credit. Students wanting to enter the job market need to be able to write an effective resume to be successful, though.

The new program opens many doors to new and better career opportunities for many people who need it most and additionally gives them the opportunity to get on with or resume their education in college or university.

This way, they can attain a certificate or associate degree or, if they want, go even further and live up to their full potential. Applicants need to submit an application form and pay a $25 Kentuck Skills U processing fee.

Scholarships are readily available and there are also some pretty weird scholarships to help you cope with the cost of your further education. If you want more information about the program, call KY Skills U: 502-892-3058.

The Kentucky Skills U program is the formerly Kentucky Adult Education. KCTCS staff have assessed KY Skills U’s courses and concluded that they meet or exceed the minimally required knowledge level for passing the GED exam at college-ready levels.

Passing the GED exam with college-ready qualifications means students have to score at least 165 on the GED exam. Here, scores in the 165-174 range are “college-ready” and scores in the 175-200 range are “college-ready + credit”.

This means that qualifying candidates may have their ACT or SAT score requirements waived. For applicants that don’t qualify for the program, there still is the GED option to get their high school equivalency diploma. Online GED prep courses may be very helpful to get them all set for the real thing fast.