Time for a Change? Career Coaching is a Must

At one time, a job with a company meant security for life. Your employer was like an extended family. You could count on them to be there for you and your family for as long as you needed a job, providing you came to work every day and gave your all. Today, this is no longer the case and when it’s time for a change, career coaching is a must.

The competitive nature of business has companies struggling to survive, to hire the best employees at the lowest possible wage, and to run as efficiently as possible. Gone are the days when a company felt equal loyalty to its employees. Today’s mindset is more of a ‘what have you done for me lately?’ type of thinking.

This working environment can leave employees feeling undervalued and vulnerable. You may find yourself feeling stuck or blocked into the job. You have nowhere to go. Should you find yourself in such a situation, it may be time for a career change.

Career coaching may be the right path for you. This will help you get the proper qualifications as well through Adult Education courses (in Kentucky called Kentucky Skills U). Professional career coaching or consulting firms help you determine your move and map out a plan to get there. The process should start with a personal assessment that defines your skills, interests, and aptitudes.

It should identify your personality style along with your strengths and weaknesses. The assessment should identify your values, your goals as well as your stresses, and your level of burnout. If you can, find a powerful female career coach. You will certainly discover many benefits of a female coach!

From here they can help you develop a career development plan. This includes finding the areas where you need to make improvements. It also includes knowing what your vision for your career future is – where you want to be down the road and this also applies to military job seekers.

You should be setting career goals and determining just what it is you want to achieve. Just like your first job interview, be aware to dress well, also for later career-change interviews.

The desired change

With your assessment complete, you can now begin to implement a plan that will bring about the desired change. It should include a balance between home and work life. You should be striving to overcome any resistance you may have about the change and defeating any procrastination.

Today, telecommuting may be a fine solution for some, but if furthering your education is part of the plan, you will need to be actively working on this – not saving it for “someday”.

You will be gathering the necessary paperwork to improve your stance in life. Certifications, updated resumes, and letters of reference are important to making your career change successful.

The career counselor should have given you guidance on improving your networking skills which you will now employ. Any good counseling service will also train you on how to interview with success in mind. As always, you get only one shot at making a good first impression.

Fees for this type of counseling can be steep. You will have to decide if the investment in your career and your future are worth the price. There may even be some positives in the negative circumstances of being unemployed for a while. But be aware that if your current position is a dead-end job or you are feeling stressed and burnt out, then the cost of the career counseling may be the best investment you make.

What does it take for your paradigm shift?

A paradigm shift is a shift in the way in which you look at a particular topic, subject, knowledge area, or way of approaching how to do something. The interesting thing is that people get stuck in paradigms because of what they believe to be the truth, i.e. an absolute truth. When in reality there are only facts and ‘the truth’ is just a way of looking at those facts.

People usually feel comfortable with their, “truths”, or their version of reality. When I say this to people they often think I am ’splitting hairs’ and that ‘facts’ and ‘truths’ are the same. Well, actually nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that all companies are looking for the best and most talented employees. They all fish in the same pond so make sure you know how the job interview will develop.

It is a recorded fact that when Columbus approached the American coastline the local natives could not see his ships. Now it’s a fact the ships were in the sea, but as far as the natives were concerned the truth of the matter was they were unable to see them.

Whereas Columbus could see the natives. So what is happening here? Put simply, the local native population had never seen sailing ships and had no frame of reference to interpret the data being sent through their eyes to their brains.

However, Columbus and his crew had seen people before so they could see the local people even if they may have looked odd, they were still familiar enough to be recognized.

Move the odds with the waves

Eventually, the story goes, the local shaman noticed the wakes from the ships, because they were moving at odds with the waves. As he was used to looking at waves he could recognize the wakes as they were similar. The fact they were ‘waves’ moving at odds with the natural waves made him keep staring.

Then at one point, his brain inferred there must be something moving through the waves to make the wakes. It was at this point the shaman ’saw’ the ships. The ships had been there all along, but only by stepping outside his normal thinking was he able to ’see’ the ships.

As he pointed this out more and more people came to the same conclusion and began to ’see’ the ships. You will learn all these things when you follow a related college course. Today, through online education programs, the possibilities seem endless.

So the question is if you want to be a success in business how far are you prepared to go to achieve a paradigm shift? How far outside your normal way of thinking will you go?

The people who created this business opportunity broke all the rules on network marketing and are now multi-millionaires because of it. Can you be one of the 100 Millionaires they say will be created by the end of 2021? I would bet they will achieve this aim given what they have done so far.