If you started high school but didn’t finish, or if you just need to improve your basic reading, math, or communication skills, there are free adult education classes offered in every Kentucky county, as well as online.

Complete your high school education, or make sure you’ll get your GED. The GED (General Educational Development) is a four-test examination that gives you a second chance to earn a credential that’s all across North America recognized and accepted just like a common high school diploma.

There are four separate subtests (Science, Social Studies, Literacy, and Math) that you can take one at a time. Passing the four GED tests will earn you the GED diploma, which is recognized by practically all U.S. employers and colleges as the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Free GED classes are provided by your local adult education center. You can also learn online if you use the website of Covcel (now named ONSEGO). They have great video lessons that you can follow from your home. There is no enrollment fee for this course.┬áIf you’re looking for more information about the GED examination, visit Kentucky Adult Education.

Brush up on basic skills. Adult education is more than just the GED. Did you know you can enroll in free courses, either online or in a center, to brush up on reading, math, or other academic subjects?

If you’re thinking about going back to college, or if you just want to help your children with homework, visit KYVAE or a local education center to discuss your options.

Explore your career options. Your adult education center also offers career planning through the ACT Work Keys assessment and an occupational database of over 9,000 job profiles.

Students may be eligible to earn a “Kentucky Employability Certificate” based on the successful completion of the Work Keys assessment. Contact KYVAE or your local center for more information.

You can also visit GoHigher’s Career Information for Adults to take career interest inventories and research the jobs that are most in demand.

NOTE: Covcel changed the name to ONSEGO because many people had the idea that Covcel was related to Covid-19. So the organization changed its name to ONSEGO.