American Society for Engineering Education and Online Technology

Want to advance your career with a technology degree but don’t have the time to go to class? Through the vast network of online tech schools in America and through the efforts of the American Society for Engineering Education, there are so many opportunities to get a degree in tech. Study at respected schools and kick-start your career at your own pace!

Whether you’re already working in the field of technology or want to start a new career, online technology training is the most convenient way to get the skills you need to compete in today’s techno-centric world.

With wide-open schedules, online schools allow you to complete your classwork, training, homework, and projects on your time and from any place in the world and the Kentucky Skills U program will help you earn a secondary education degree if you couldn’t complete your high school curriculum.

All you need is a computer, a network connection, and the drive to learn! You’ll even be able to collaborate and meet with teachers and other students through online communication devices and MSN Messenger and Skype.

Like many other industries, technology is being changed by globalization – more and more companies are outsourcing basic IT functions to third-party providers abroad. Just see how many mechanical engineering start-ups are really worth watching! The tech experts of the future will need to have multiple, high-level network and computer skills to get the best jobs.

Top IT jobs in the near future include Oracle consultants and database administrators, SAP consultants, Microsoft developers (.Net, C#), SAS programmers, firmware engineers, and systems architects. Information security will also be important, as recent data security breaches have been reported by some high-profile companies. But it’s not only about IT jobs. Actually, Mechanical Engineering is where the future lies for many young professionals!

While employers will demand a lot from their engineers and IT professionals, they will also give a lot in return. Experts indicate there’s a shortage of highly skilled IT talent and mechanical and physical engineers, so employers need to offer excellent wages and compensation packages to attract trained IT professionals and engineers. The salaries for these professionals continue to grow, and the U.S. Department of Labor expects the trend to continue through at least 2024.

Whether you are looking to get a full tech degree or take classes to learn a specific skill, online technical courses offer a variety of options like working on alternative fuels not only for vehicles but also for all sorts of transportation purposes. Technology programs are leading the way in the growth of online schools.

So sign up for an online technology program today. There are a variety of programs available to you online for the technology degree or certificate of your choice. You may take on a full 2 year or 4-year degree or opt for a class to learn a specific computer skill. With an online degree in technology, there is a world of career options open to you. Some of the fields you may choose to enter include:

* Electronics Engineering
* Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing
* Web development
* Computer Engineering
* Computer programming
* Computer networking
* Computer drafting
* Computer design

Choose a career that appeals to you and then pick a degree program to help you achieve it and who knows, you may be participating in some great new innovative engineering project. The future is all yours when you decide on a career in engineering.

The online technology program curriculum. What should you expect when you sign up for an online technology degree or certificate program? Check out also this post about top Manufacturing and Engineering schools. Informative classes in a wide variety of subjects. Here is just a sampling of some of what you will have to choose from:

* Business Information Technology
* Computer Engineering and the Internet
* Computers for Business and Accounting
* Economics
* Programming and Mechanical Engineering
* Communications and Organizations
* Quantitative Analysis for Business
* Analysis and Design of Information Systems
* Database Technology and Physical Engineering
* Graphic User Interface Design
* Principles of Marketing
* Financial and Management Accounting

Pick and choose what most interests you and obtain the skills that will carry you far in your career and make sure your job as, for example, a Mechanical Engineer, will bring you a fantastic income! Online schools offer the best career education on YOUR timeline. Online Education is Booming! More people are taking classes online and schools are responding by offering more online programs.