Engineering Education

Engineering is a continually growing field not in only work but also in college studies as people wish to learn how trade works in the real world.

General engineering is a practice some choose to learn because they have a love of creating things be it parts to a car, airplanes, boats, anything that comes to mind from a creation standpoint in life. Nevertheless, what exactly does engineering education entail?

What is engineering?

Engineering is the application and understanding of physics and materials sciences that in turn, help people develop and even distribute the means of inner mechanical communication. You can study Engineering at your local community college, at vocational schools, or enroll in a college or university Engineering program.

You need to have completed your high school education but if that’s not the case, make sure you’ll get your GED through Kentucky Skills U. Your equivalency certificate allows for a college education!

What this means is you learn to build something from scratch and make it run on, like a car engine or a motor, anything that is essentially the “heart” of a contraption, these products contain all the necessary data and know-how we use every single day of our lives, this is the data that creates and maintains pretty much everything we use on a daily basis.

It is not a field one can simply join and learn in a day, it involves the kind of work that could literally make or break someone’s day while they use your developed goods. What you need to understand is how machines run, for example

You need to learn about the kinematics, thermodynamics, and structural analysis of any given product to best construct it properly and efficiently to specifications. It is a hefty learning process and one that sometimes is missed by individuals already working in the field.

What kinds of degrees are available for engineering?

When looking for a degree in this field you can find some of them within the boundaries of not only a bachelor’s degree but as a master’s as well. Of course, it always makes perfect sense to start from the top and you can do this with a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s Degree in engineering: A Bachelor of Science degree in any form of engineering can be earned at a four-year university or college. Students will learn how to determine the strength and behavior of materials, how heat and fluid will flow through any given piece of material, and all the simplicities of engine design.

Mechanical engineering isn’t just relegated to factory-type machines you can also learn to program, learn about circuits and controls like an electrical engineer, and even some management industrial engineering will be explored and understood throughout this course of study.

Master’s Degree in Engineering: When the student engineer has their bachelor’s degree, they can choose to go to graduate school, usually for about one or two more years, to receive their master’s degree. The Bachelor will usually pick an engineering subject, such as fluid dynamics or heat transfer, to study in greater depth.

Many times, a master’s of mechanical engineering student will assist professors in their research or teach undergraduate engineering students. Armed with a master’s degree, an engineer will have more job opportunities available to him, especially in the aerospace industry.

Financial aid/scholarships for students in engineering

If you choose to major in this field, financial aid is readily available for those who need it depending on the college you apply to. The business of engineering is very popular amongst many of the college’s chosen fields of study and the big problems that exist are sometimes that they disappear at the flick of your wrist and they take some time to replenish before you can sign yourself up for one of them.

So you better get one fast because they’ll be gone as quickly as they arrived if you don’t get it in time. But it all really depends on what type of engineer you want to be, this will determine what scholarships and aid will be available to you.

Average salary with a degree in Engineering

In Kentucky, you can go from $62,000 to nearly $78,000 yearly depending on the position and the degree you have achieved within the field of engineering. But really it all depends on the product and the amount of that said product that is produced into the mainstream as a whole. Certain positions like chemical engineering will offer you even more due to the potential extreme danger of the job.

Common Engineering careers

  • Aerospace Engineer– Fight or flight, you are responsible for manufacturing, engineering, and improving that of not only specialized aircraft but even space-related craft as well like those of Apollo, Discovery, etc. it’d be your duty to make sure they are safe, efficient, and practical.
  • Civil Engineering– A civil engineer is responsible for the creation and designation of bridges and buildings, the kind of stuff we see every day in our cities and towns, it’s your job to build the best and to make sure that every piece of that civil architecture is safe and secure for all to use all times of the day, every day, maintaining these structures is also a must.
  • Mechanical engineering– When you are a mechanical worker you are the one that designs, builds, and constructs everyday mechanisms like air conditioners, computers (the parts), lawnmowers, medical equipment, pretty much everything that makes up our daily routine you will give a hand in building.

There is so much to be done in the field of engineering it’s amazing. Projects are constantly being started and completed every time we open our mouths, without engineering, no matter the form, we would have nothing in this world that we find so near and dear to our hearts.